About Krissie

I wasn’t always a fitness fanatic

I was very fit as a kid. I was always doing something, long before I founded Kirby’s Personal Training and Fitness Port Talbot; running long distances be it on a track or cross country, playing badminton, swimming, roller skating; if it involved an activity, I generally had a go at it. During my late teens and early 20s my weight was the proverbial yoyo, going as low as 133lbs to as high as 253lbs. When I hit my 30th birthday I weighed 253lbs, and I was smoking 30-40 cigarettes a day.

Krissie before her weight loss and after
Yes that really is me on the left!

In 2006, I had my epiphany moment. After deciding on a New Year’s resolution (never a good idea), I got on the scales and the bottom fell out of my world. I was fat. In fact I was obese. After a complete meltdown, I decided enough was enough, the cigarettes were to go and I needed to regain control over my body and my life. I needed a new healthy addiction. So I joined a gym and I haven’t looked back. Well, only to remind myself how far I have come. You can read my fat story here on the No More Mrs Fatty McFat blog.

I have since made it my mission to regain my health but to also educate others in a minefield of fads and quick fixes; reminding us all that this stuff takes time, patience and education to regain that freedom of movement and sense of being comfortable within our own skin. I continue to educate myself in good fitness practices and in pain free movement, to ensure that I pass this knowledge on to my clients. As Gray Cook says: First move well, then move more!
While I continue writing the blog, now I also enjoy helping others find their enjoyment in activity and leading a healthy lifestyle. I like to find new ways to increase my own knowledge base through gold standard institutions, so that I pass on the latest thinking and best coaching possible to all my students. I am currently receiving expert coaching from Claire Booth of Bodyology, in Bracknell, who is also the head of StrongFirst in the UK, as I truly believe that coaches need coaching too.

I hope you find something in this site, or the blogs, that help you on your journey. Just remember, you ARE worth it.




One to One Personal Training

Krissie’s Qualifications

  • StrongFirst Level 1 Certified Kettlebell Instructor
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • FMS Level 1 Certified
  • CYQ Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • CYQ  Level 2 Gym Instruction
  • CYQ Level 2 Exercise to Music
  • Vertical Dance Pole Instructor
  • Circuits CPD
  • Cardio Combat CPD
  • Kettlebells CPD

Krissie is also currently studying the following:

  • Certificate on Pre and Postnatal Coaching

Krissie has attended workshops with World leading movement specialists and Pole Masterclasses including:

  • Dan John (Strength and Conditioning coach)
  • Dr Michael Hartle (Strength and Conditioning coach)
  • Dr Perry Nickleston (Stop Chasing Pain)
  • Fabio Zonin
  • Shaun Cairns
  • Pantera Blacksmith (World’s Most Famous Pole Dancer TM)
  • Alethea Austin
  • A.M. Davies
  • K.T. Coates

Krissie has full Public Liability and Professional Indemnity cover
Krissie holds a certificate in First Aid.