Krissie Kettlebell swing at beach


Join me for ‘SWINGTOBER’!


Krissie Kettlebell swing at beach


Yes you’ve read that right! SWINGTOBER!  I am challenging myself, all Kirby’s Personal training and Fitness clients past and present, and anyone who wants to join in, to do at least 100 hard style swings EVERY DAY through October.

I will be posting little snippets of videos from some of the top kettlebell instructors from around the world, to help you aim to perfect that swing, as well as giving you a basic warm up with mobility drills and cool down to get you started. Each week I will increase the number of swings that I do, and I’ll show you how you can do the same, so you can join me if you wish or stick to just hitting that 100 every day.

If you are new to kettlebells, I recommend you either seek out a local StrongFirst/RKC qualified instructor/kettlebell club and start learning to swing properly before you join in. I will be doing a month dedicated to the swing again at the start of 2015. Or if you’re in the Neath Port Talbot/ Swansea area why not come and join my kettlebell club in the Afan Forest Park (Forest Fitness) at 6:00pm on Monday evenings, it only costs £20 per month to join in these in person sessions. (We will be moving indoors soon – details to follow).  Otherwise, I would recommend that ladies use a 12/16kg bell and gents a 16/20kg bell to begin.  You should know what size bell is your best for completing 100 swings and if you want to challenge yourself you can, by starting up a size. You can always split the swings into starting with the heavier bell and then dropping to your usual size for the remaining sets but only do this if you’ve been properly instructed and are confident in doing so.

Again I cannot stress enough, this challenge is not for people who have never performed a kettlebell swing. Please, please, please get proper instruction first. 

So what do you need in total?

  • 20mins every day to warm up, swing, and cool down.
  • An appropriate sized bell
  • Somewhere safe to swing
  • an interval timer or interval timer app on your smartphone

Thats’s it!

So if you’re in, like the Facebook page and flow us on Twitter and every time you complete use the hashtags #KirbysSwingtober #kptf and look out for the forum thread that will be appearing where you and your fellow Swingtober pals can chat and encourage each other.

In the meantime I leave you with a nifty video breaking down and self examining the swing, as done by my good buddy Jeff Sokol (SFGII instructor) from Sokol Strong in Seattle.

As always, be kind to yourself, you ROCK!




PS – if you want to receive more information on Personal Training please contact us for your free consultation and exercise report.

PPS – You undertake this challenge at your own risk and by opting in, you confirm and understand that no liability for damage or injury can be placed with Kirby’s Personal Training and Fitness.  If you’ve not received proper kettlebell instruction, please do not attempt to join in this challenge, and seek out proper instruction first.


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