Fall down seven times, stand up eight

Fall down seven times, stand up eightThat old japanese saying is so very true.

There are moments in everyone’s life when self doubt, feelings of failure and times of sheer frustration leave us in an exhausted heap in the corner of the room, hoping that something will change and help us feel better: better about whatever is bringing us to this point where we just want to give up. It’s hard when you’ve done something for a while and on occasion see glimmers of the light that is at the end of the tunnel, only to have it taken away from you because of some unexpected turn in the dark.

Whatever it is, that has got you to the point of curling up in a ball and hoping that the word will just pass you by and leave you be, it’s not insurmountable.

I can hear you all say, ‘well, Krissie, this is very easy for you to say…’ and you are right. It is very easy for me to say but this last month has had it’s far share of those moments.  Someone turned the light off in my tunnel and a few of the goals I had been working towards seemed to be utterly out of reach. It’s amazing how the impact of one thing not going our way can spill over to the rest of the things we have going on in our lives.

When one door closes

Since starting Kirby’s Personal Training and Fitness Port Talbot, the goal has been to open a private studio. A studio where not only can I offer the continued one to one personal training but a place where I can offer more small group training in those beloved kettlebells, and where I can start to offer pole classes. However, while the light was firmly in the distance, I didn’t expect the sudden turn in the tunnel that took the light out of reach. And that took the wind out of my sails in a major way.  Suddenly I was no longer lifting as heavy as I had been, my technique suffered and all confidence in myself packed it’s bags and walked out. I hit that proverbial wall because all my efforts had been placed in getting the studio. Oh how I learned a hard lesson. It really did hit me for six, and while some people may scoff at this, when it’s something you’ve had your heart set on, something that you’ve been working towards and space is limited in the community centres and church halls in your town…. it’s a real blow.

But while it has been a personal blow in my business, and I did take it very much to heart, I realised that this is just one small part of my business. The studio being put back (yet again) has forced me to reassess how I portion out my day and that I need to plan my days a little more efficiently. I have fallen behind in my own studies and my own workouts because I was putting a lot of effort into a plan that sadly didn’t workout. BUT, and here is the biggest lesson this has taught me, failure isn’t final. If anything, I am more determined to find the place that will be just right for Kirby’s Fitness Studio and it’s out there. This time, I just need to ensure that I don’t forget the other things I need to continue working on, and which will stop me hitting that meltdown moment. I am, after all, human and sometimes I need reminding of that!

Can you relate this to your own journey with weight/fat loss? Sound familiar? The thing is, we all have a tendency to want everything last week. In the modern world, with so much at our fingertips, we have forgotten the art of patience. And I am just as guilty of this as the next person. I often tell my clients at Kirby’s Personal Training and Fitness Port Talbot, that it’s not a sprint. Getting yourself back to as healthy as you can be, becoming comfortable in your own skin, and being the best you that you can be takes time and perseverance. Go easy on yourself – yes I am also taking my own advice…again!

So, continue on! No matter how insurmountable the odds, no matter how tough it gets and seems, failure is only final if you give up. There will always be another way, and who knows, the success at the end might just be all the sweeter for overcoming that last hurdle.

As my favourite comic book butler says ‘Why do we fall, Master Wayne? So we can learn to pick ourselves up’. (Happy 75th Birthday, Batman).

Batman at 75


As always, be kind to yourself, you rock!



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