Lead By Example Part 3

Lead By Example Part 3 from Kirby’s Personal Training and Fitness Port Talbot.

Krissie’s personal journey. 

A week has gone by already? Time really does fly as you get older, it’s bonkers. So I realised that I hadn’t put up any stats for my starting point on the opening blog but I have been keeping them by using MyFitnessPal, which is a great app to have (you just need to play with it a little so it doesn’t tell you to eat 12oo cals, which is WAY too little – you do need to eat to lose weight/fat)

As of April 1st my stats were:

  • Weight: 180lbs (yeah I had a shock when I weighed, but I’d rather go by my clothes in all honesty)
  • Waist: 35 inches
  • Hips: 43 inches

Today (April 8th) my stats read:

  • Weight: 174lbs
  • Waist: 34.5 inches
  • Hips: 41.5 inches

I am not surprised that I’ve had these results from reigning in my portion sizes (they had got a bit OTT) and increasing general activity as well as adding in regular training. The weight is neither here nor there as eventually that will even out and remain stagnant and I’m ok with that, I lift heavy weights for fun as well as a living, but the inches are what interests me more as that is indicative of fat loss. Muscle takes up a lot less space than fat for the same weight.

Something else I’ve been milling over this past week, and that’s my goals and sharing them with you. It’s important to write these down somewhere so that you can look over them and region focus when you need to. It’s also important to remind yourself of the emotional desire behind the goals, it’s your emotional attachment to them that will make them more pertinent as the initial honeymoon of starting a new programme wears off.


My Goals

So after a week of getting myself back into some healthy habits and logging all my food (this step is very important, all those extra bits add up and can make all the difference when you are trying to regain control on the waistline), I’ve also sat and written my goals for this 12 week period.

1. To feel comfortable in my skin again

This is my most important one. When I am comfortable in my skin, I am more positive in everything else. I see nothing but opportunity, adventure and things that can only help improve me and my business. I feel confident, strong and assured. I am immeasurably happier. This also has a knock on effect for my business, and that becomes happier and healthier. Who ever would have thought? 😉

2. To fit back into my smaller jeans.

I have four pairs of very lovely jeans that I love to wear when travelling or not working. At the moment they are very uncomfortable. Two pairs are too tight and the other two pairs don’t fit at all where they used to. I begrudge spending money when I have perfectly good clothing in the wardrobe and for me buying a size up is a step back towards where I was 9 years ago. And I promised myself I’d never go back there. I want to get back into these and feel good wearing them, like I once did.

3. To run a sub 30 min 5 k again.

When I was at my peak I was running a 5km route in 26mins. I’d like to get close to that again and with consistent training I shall. I may not match my personal best time, but I’d like to work towards it. I enjoy running, it makes me feel good and i like why it does to my shape.

4. To strict press 2 x 20kg kettlebells for 5 reps

This has been a goal of mine for a while, and I am currently sorting some small shoulder issues out. But with consistent training, healthy eating and ensuring I follow a corrective programme there is no reason why I can’t increase to 20kg presses for reps in 12 weeks. I love kettlebells and the effect they have on my shape and the definition my muscles have started to show.

As well as goals for the next 12 weeks, I also have some goals for the remaining year:

1. To be in the top 10 ladies on the Spartan League Table again

Two years ago, before I ended up with a stomach flu that saw me have to drop out of my beloved OCR season, I was in the top ten of ladies in the Spartan Race league table. In fact for my age group I was heading the table until I got struck with stomach flu and had to sit the rest of the season out. I’d like to get there again this year and, if I can, better it ready to hit the Masters table next year.

2. To learn more moves on the pole

I love to pole dance. It makes me feel like a gymnast and ballerina all rolled into one fluid being that has grace and elegance (something I don’t naturally exude haha). It also shows me how strong I am. The moves I wish to achieve this year are:

  • Shotgun flag in full extension
  • Brass Monkey
  • Straight Edge
  • Aysha
  • Inside and outside leg hangs (that keep eluding me)

3. To take part in or at least know I can achieve the StrongFirst Iron Maiden Challenge 

I really want to do this challenge. The Iron Maiden Challenge isn’t about how strong you are or how much you can bench/lift/squat. It’s about you and that bell in those three movements (Strict Pull Up, Pistol Squat, Strict Military Press). It’s about how you mentally prepare as well as physically, it’s about taming your ego and working with your body to achieve those movements. At present there are only 8 Iron Maidens in the StrongFirst Community. I wish to be amongst them.

4. Continue progressing in Krav Maga

I didn’t think I would fall hopelessly in love with Krav Maga but I have. At first it was purely a skill I needed to learn, in case I ended up in a situation that needed me to be able to protect myself. But as I progress through the grades, I find I am more interested in it’s whys and what fors.  I want to learn as much as I can about the techniques we learn, how to use them effectively and how to avoid using them altogether. I also want to be as fit as possible to be able to achieve the physical requirements put on us by our instructors.

So there you have it – a long blog entry today but it’s good to get these things down on paper (or in this case electronically). I hope, if you’ve started a journey towards a healthier you, that you’re still in those first flourishes of seeing results and changes. If you’ve any questions or you want some tips, please leave a comment below.

be-kind-smallAs always, be kind to yourself, you rock,



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