Realisation of a Goal


Since I set up and then subsequently changed to Kirby’s Personal Training and Fitness Port Talbot, the dream was to not just be content with delivering sessions to clients and leaving them in sweaty mess on my gym room floor. I feel that as a Personal Trainer I need to be offering my clients far more than just a workout. I need to be helping them understand how I can help them achieve their goals; why the programme is written as it is; what habits they can change a step at a time that will help them get the results they deserve and that I guarantee. It is important that I lead by example, and that has become a core value of Kirby’s Personal Training and Fitness Port Talbot.

In turn, they help me achieve my goals, though often I don’t think they realise it. At the start of the year I set myself large goals to achieve by the end of the same year. I then set myself smaller goals each quarter and then each month, goals that I know I can achieve with some perseverance and dedication (much like what i ask of my clients).

Today sees the realisation of two goals. One being this new website that you have found by following the link to this blog (yes I was a bit sneaky in that, it’s not fully launched yet and is being tested/tweaked/rejigged but I’m too eager for my own good), and the second being my very own Food & Fitness Journal, that my clients can use to track their progress/daily food/daily goals/activities and beyond.

Kirby's Food & Fitness Jounral Front CoverIt’s been a few months in the dreaming, a few weeks in the design and realisation and today my chief designer (Mr Kirby) put the finishing touches on the very first edition of the Twelve Week Food & Fitness Journal from Kirby’s Personal Training and Fitness Port Talbot. It goes to print in the morning and hopefully by the end of the week, edition one will be here and in my hand.

To say we are proud of it, is an understatement. I use food diaries all the time, still. When I feel slightly uncomfortable in my skin again, I go back to tracking my food and activity and usually I find I’m over eating from what I normally would and I probably have sat at the computer for too long and not moved around enough. I can’t wait to share the physical copy with my one to one clients and my 12 Week Online Clients will be receiving them as well.

Kirby's Food & Fitness Journal Sample

And yes, I will be using my own product. I’ve designed them so they are no bigger than A6, and can be kept in a bag or briefcase.  If they prove to be as easy to use as I hope they are, then they will go on sale to anyone who wants to use them. I now have designs on a strength training journal, as often the journal that are on the market are too cumbersome and all seem to follow the same format. I know there will be those who think, ‘if it’s not broke…’ but I’m sure we can offer something more intuitive. I have other journal ideas in the back ground as well, but there are plenty of months left this year to see them all come to fruition.

Kirby's Food & Fitness Journal exampleI am so proud of the work Gavin has put in to realising my badly scribbled scraps of paper into a complete journal ready for print. He has been a trooper (as he’s had cries of ‘I need this image sorted for the website’ in between – he does put up with a lot). Without his help, I wouldn’t be able to achieve half of what I have planned. Thanks, Gav!

I hope the journal makes the formation of new habits and the realisation of goals an easier process for my clients than they think it will be. I can’t wait for them to try it and I look forward t their feedback on how to carry on improve it until it is the best product it can be. There really are exciting times ahead, and I am looking forward to them very much.

As always, be kind to yourself,




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