We never stop learning


It is true that we cease our formal education in school, and that University is so much more than just your degree, but even when you leave the comfy confines of the ‘establishment’, you never cease to learn.

No matter how knowledgeable you think you are, there is always something new, some new way of expressing a concept that you’ve not heard. Just when you think you know all there is to know about a particular subject, or instrument, movement or whatever, suddenly something will come along and blow the windows wide open. Then you realise you still have so much to learn.

One of the reasons I am so tired of the ‘perfection hunt’ is that perfection doesn’t allow room for growth. If you achieve perfection then where do you go next? It’s limiting, unrealistic and subjective in it’s very nature. Once person’s perfection is an other’s imperfection. ¬†Perfection is a lie, but it’s a very powerful ‘ideal’ that we place far too much importance on.

Eyal and Ceri demonstrating knife defence drills.
Eyal and Ceri demonstrating knife defence drills. Photo thanks to Pawel Leszczynski.

This past few weeks, I have realised that I have so much more to learn. My education never stops. Not only in a sense of learning to be a better instructor and educating myself continuously on nutrition and body mechanics but also in almost everything I do. For example, it was only the other day I learned that the fuel tank symbol on the petrol gage has an arrow next to it that points to which side the fuel cap is on. Mind blown! Seriously. ūüėČ

At the start of May¬†the SFG1 cert gave me an education like no other. And a few weekends ago, I have had that education expanded upon, in attending a conference that deals with the business side of Kirby’s Personal Training and Fitness Port Talbot, enabling me to grow it into what I want it to be, as well as a masterclass with Master Eyal Yanilov, the head of Krav Maga Global. ¬†Just when you think you have a particular block or defence close to being as confident with it that it will be effective, Master Eyal shows you how to make it more effective again. Just when I thought my business strategies were working fine, the coaches from my business mentor programme showed me how I could improve, learn more and increase my business profile.

Mid testing. Photo courtesy of Kettlebell Fever and David Holbrook Photography
Mid testing.
Photo courtesy of Kettlebell Fever and David Holbrook Photography

These past few weeks have been eye opening, mind blowing and completely humbling. If we cease learning, we limit ourselves and we stop growing. Your fitness journey is no different. Learn all you can about the body, immerse yourself in information from nutritionists (or from the information your trainer provides, especially if they’ve done an in-depth¬†course such as Precision Nutrition), look at how your body moves and wonder if you can improve it to ensure pain free movement. Never stop learning, never limit yourself, and always believe you can be better. But ignore¬†being perfect, just aim to be the best that you can be because that’s where true growth happens.

As always, be kind to yourself,

You rock \m/



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