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I often get asked the question, ‘Why Krav Maga?’  For those of you who know me, be it in person, via the band or have been following my blog, you will know I practice Krav Maga, a reality based system of self defence. I don’t instruct in Krav Maga, I am still very much a student and still learning, as we all are.  I do this for my personal safety.  I have tried numerous times to write why I chose Krav Maga outside of the obvious reason that the other half does it, and he has encouraged me to take it up so that I remain safe, but every time it felt convoluted and preachy.

However, Krav Maga instructor Nick Maison of Total Krav Maga, London recently posted this account from one of his youngest female students about how she was recently attacked. Nick and the student have given their very kind permission for me to add her story into this blog.  Please read it, then read it again, and read it once more.

After training I didn’t have enough money for the taxi to take me all the way to my university , so I asked the taxi driver to drop me off at another college close by, where I could walk the rest of the way.
When I was walking on a path next to the park I looked around and saw this guy following me. The way he was walking made me feel uneasy, so I just started jogging to see what his reaction would be. He then started sprinting after me. I literally never ran that fast in my life, but I had my backpack on which slowed me down. I then did the most stupid thing you could do, because instead of running to the right which would take me to a main road, I ran forward into the outskirts of the park, where no one was there. I decided to stop and face him rather than him catching me with my back turned, because he was faster than me.
He then started mouthing off at me saying stuff like “come here you little c***t. Let’s go f*** in the park.” When guys say those sort of things to me I get really pissed off so I started swearing at him. He walked towards me where I then went into the semi passive stance. He then got out a knife and stabbed in the ice pick hold. I blocked his arm with mine like we practice in class, but my angle must have been wrong, because his arm slid down and the knife cut into my forehead.
As I was distracted by the blood going into my eye, he tripped me up, so I fell and scraped my head against branches. Next thing I knew he was on top of me and calling me a “f***ing bitch” a lot. I spat in his face and while his eyes shut reflexively, I sort of shifted sideways which knocked him off balance. I then kneed him in the groin and face hard. I got up and started stomping his face. Suddenly I thought ‘f***, I might have killed this guy’ so I legged it. But when I looked back after about 10 metres he was gone. That moment was scarier than everything else, because he could be anywhere in the bushes watching me and if what I did to him didn’t take him down, then what would?
Anyway, I just ran to the accommodation. What really bugs me though is that he could walk past me in the street and recognise me whereas I wouldn’t recognise him, because he had his hood up. It was too dark for me to have a good look at him. I think that he was high on drugs though because he didn’t seem to feel any pain. Even when I kneed him in the groin hard. But I guess him being stoned made it easier, because in his right mind it would have been harder to get rid of him.
Anyway, sorry for the essay, but my Total KM Instructor thought you would like to hear the details. I really have him to thank, because if I hadn’t learned Krav then I would almost certainly be lying dead in a ditch somewhere.

Nick added this to his student’s post:

This person wants to remain anonymous but I can tell you this, it’s a female teenager, she is petite in build and has being doing Krav for less than 6 months […]. Even though she did 360 defence, she still got cut but her fighting spirit kept her going and prevented the situation becoming a potential rape or murder case. In my eyes as not even a P1, she did the right thing. She was alert and aware (not using her phone to text or listen to music like most teenagers). We are very proud of her actions and the outcome. She is well & fine, no serious injuries…

Unfortunately, the world is a violent place. We are all more aware of this, especially now in the age of 24hr access to media and the technology to share such things. But in this case, sharing this story may save another life, or at least make someone think about getting some self defence skills with a reputable system. I only have experience of Krav Maga, so it’s not for me to say it is the absolute best, it just so happens to be the one I have connected with. It’s not just women who need to learn self defence, but men too. We should all be more aware.

I have been followed myself. Thankfully, I’ve not been approached or attacked. The young lady in the above account is VERY brave and used what small amount of training she had to get out of a bad situation. She realised the small errors she did, she acted as quickly as she could, she used her training. It makes it all the more eye opening that she is a relative newcomer to self defence and still a teenager. I hasten to add that while only a few sessions will not make you an expert overnight, it might instil something to help keep you safe and stay out of danger or, should it ever happen, enable you to get away from a similar attack situation   The overwhelming ‘glad she is ok/brave girl/well done’ comments that appeared on the original post, showed how wonderful the Krava Maga Global family is and how supportive we are of each other’s safety and well being. It is for these reasons I chose Krav Maga.

If you are in the Swansea/Bridgend/Rhondda Cynon Taff/Camarthenshire/Neath Port Talbot areas, please look up Total Self Protection-Krav Maga for your local class and do go for the taster sessions on offer.  If you are local to Nick and his school (Thames Valley and West London) you can find their details here.  Or go to KMG-UK’s website where you will find a list of Krav Maga schools across the UK.

Why Krav Maga? So I know how to avoid putting myself in possibly dangerous situations to begin with and that I have a number of tools at my disposal should I ever be attacked. I hope I never have to use them.  A speedy recovery to my sister at Total Krav Maga, and please everyone, stay aware and safe.




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