Open Day At Kirby’s

We’re having an open day!

On March 5th 2017 the studio will be open for anyone interested in seeing how we might be able to help between 10am and 4pm (closed only at 1pm-1:30pm for some lunch).
If you’re interested in learning more about Personal Training, Small Group Training or after information about Port Talbot Kettlebel Club beginner courses, and anything else we offer here at Kirby’s, then please come along.
We should be able to help you regardless of what goals you have in mind. We can help with weight loss, strength and conditioning,have helped clients actively reverse their diabetes diagnosis and even decrease their osteoporosis score (with help from our recommended Chiropractor). We will strive to help you achieve your goal with qualified advice and activity fitting your required outcome.

There are a select few times for pre-booked consultations lasting 30 minutes. They will be held between 10am and 12pm and can be booked by emailing us at

Details for the event can be found via this Facebook event. As the rebooked spaces go, we’ll update availability on that page so keep an eye out!

We look forward to seeing you at the studio on March 5th!

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