Kirby’s Personal Training Studio 2


Kirby's Personal Training Studio

Kirby’s Personal Training Studio is now open!

The Studio has been borne out of necessity. The original studio, while adequate, left no room for addition equipment to enable us to give you, our students, the best training we can offer.  As well as needing a little more space, Port Talbot Kettlebell Club has really needed an permanent indoor home for a while, especially with the always changeable British weather, and requests for small group training have been increasing.

While the space isn’t big compared to other private gyms, it is big enough for what I envision it to be. There are no ‘drop in as you wish’ sessions as this isn’t a regular gym. Kirby’s Personal Training studio is available for private sessions, pre-booked small group training and PTKBC only.  As far as we are aware, it is the only private training facility of it’s kind in the Port Talbot area.

The studio is equipped with kettlebells, barbells and bumper plates, as well as other pieces that will aid in helping clients reach their goals, move better and move more.  As always the same standard of excellence that clients have come to expect from Kirby’s will be maintained.

Port Talbot Kettlebell Club will be held every Wednesday evening at 7pm, with quarterly beginners courses to enable newcomers to Kirby’s to get up to speed with the main club sessions. Due to the limited space, users will need to utilise the online booking facility to secure their space.  All those wishing to attend PTKBC all be expected to attend this course prior to joining the main sessions unless you have had previous instruction from Kirby’s or a certified StrongFirst instructor. More details on beginners courses will appear on the PTKBC page.

Students of StrongFirst visiting the area are invited to get in touch if they wish to painting the training programmes and are welcome house the studio, as long as it’s not booked for student sessions.

I look forward to welcoming current clients, new clients and the Port Talbot Kettlebell Club posse into our new home.


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2 thoughts on “Kirby’s Personal Training Studio

  • Deborah


    I’m possibly looking into some personal training sessions and i’ve recently noticed you have just set up a new place in Baglan where I live.

    I wonder if you could email some info about prices etc and what your packages involve.

    Many thanks