Port Talbot Kettlebell Club



*Beginners Course starting Monday Jan 8th 2018*

Kirby’s Personal Training and Fitness, one of very few StrongFirst qualified instructors in Wales, will be holding a 5 week beginners course at 6pm every Monday throughout January, starting Monday 8th Jan, and ending on Feb 5th.

This  course lasts for five weeks and is for a maximum of 8 participants.. Our beginner courses are suitable for any ability, as we will be learning the basic patterns to enable safe and effective use of kettelbells.

These 55 minute long sessions over the five weeks will give you a basic understanding of the main techniques used in the Kettlebell Club sessions. We will cover the deadlift, two handed swing, one handed swing, clean and press. These basic movements will allow you to feel confident using a kettlebell for some basic complexes.  The course is £60 for the full 5 weeks. All participants of PTKBC must attend a beginner course prior to joining main sessions.

If you wish to attend the beginner course, please email the studio info@kirbysfitness.co.uk and register your interest with the subject line ‘PTKBC Beginner Course Jan 2018‘.

Port Talbot Kettlebell Club is the only larger group class held at Kirby’s Personal Training and Fitness Port Talbot. PTKBC sessions are Group Training sessions focusing on Kettlebell practice and bodyweight movement. Each Beginner Course will turn into the main kettlebell club session for those participants who complete the course.  We are limited to 8 people in any one session and hold quarterly beginner courses to help those who wish to learn the techniques and join in the main Club sessions.* Port Talbot Kettlebell Club is the only club of it’s kind in Wales to be instructed by a StrongFirst Qualified Instructor. All sessions are held at our private training facility, Kirby’s Personal Training Studio, Baglan, Port Talbot.

Sessions make use of  the Hardstyle method of Kettlebell practice to give a full body work out that will leave you feeling invigorated. This is not a bootcamp style workout, there are no Sargent Major types, and students are actively encouraged to practice ground work to build mobility and stability. Our sessions aim to make exercise fun and accessible to all, whilst ensuring you work out safely and with the best trainers in the area who are also amongst a very small number of  StrongFirst Instructors residing in Wales.

Main club sessions can be booked in advance, post completion of the beginner course which is compulsory for ALL new members of Kirby’s. Please see the blog for details on why we insist on this caveat.

*Beginner sessions will be held when there are 4 or more participants wishing to learn the necessary skills required to join the main sessions*
**You must have prior instruction with Kirby’s or have attended one of our beginner course to attend these sessions**