Member of the Month April 2015

Member of the month

Congratulations to Kirby’s Personal Training and Fitness 

Member of the Month for April 2015:

Ann Marie Keogh

Ann Marie contacted me late December of last year,  with the goal to improve her posture. As a very well respected chiropractor, she’s is exceptionally aware of her own body’s movement and noticed that, due to her profession, her working day was starting to have an effect on her posture. (Some of you will already be familiar with Ann Marie as she’s my go to person when I need fixing, and the person I send all my clients to if they need her expertise).  Due to various preceding health issues, Ann Marie proved an interesting challenge in adapting sessions to ensure that she increased strength without causing problems to areas that have perviously undergone surgery.

AnnMarie wasn’t as concerned with weight loss, although she hoped to lose some inches from around her waist and she has done just that. She has lost 2.3% body fat and a total of 4.5 inches from all measurement areas between January and March of this year and continues to see improvements in upper body strength and well as movement and posture.


Someone REALLY doesn't like having her picture taken :)
Someone REALLY doesn’t like having her picture taken 🙂

As someone who is very aware of anatomy, impact of movement, and (one of my favourite things) fascial lines within the body, our sessions have been as much a learning experience for me as I hope they have been for Ann Marie.  The room, as usual, is filled with laughter even in our early morning sessions, and often while in mid workout we end up discussing movement, new thinking in health and fitness and how our own experiences have brought us to a similar path from different angles within our industry.

With your help, support and guidance I really have felt and seen the desired changes that I wanted to achieve, as we discussed whilst sitting on the beach back in December.

Ann Marie received a bouquet of flowers, from The Flower Box Port Talbot, and a gift voucher from Waterstone Books.

It’s an absolute joy being Ann Marie’s PT and I look forward to future sessions. Plus, I’ll be visiting her practice regularly for my own MOT 🙂

For those of you in Port Talbot and the surrounding areas looking for chiropractic help, I wholly recommend Beaches Chiropractic. Both Ann Marie and Daniel are excellent practitioners. You can follow them on Twitter here or contact the clinic on 01639 888822

Congratulations, AMK, well deserved.


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