Member of the Month May 2015

true to form May came and went and I completely forgot to update the blog. So, better late than really, really late…. Kirby’s Personal Training and Fitness Port Talbot would like to present:

Member of the month

Please meet our Members of the Month for May 2015, Daryl and Natalie Richards.


Daryl and I have known each other for a number of years, and we are both students of Krav Maga so I was both thrilled and nervous when they contacted me over a year ago to become their PT.  Since then they have both made great progress in their strength and conditioning as well as seeing fat loss and inch loss results over the course of the year, and they manage all this with exceptionally stressful jobs and two small boys.  Between them they have lost over 12% body fat and 20 inches.

Natalie sent me this lovely message after I informed them they were my members of the month:

We have been working with Krissie for just over a year now, and have seen slow but consistent improvements in our fitness and general health.

We started training as we’d both gotten into a bit of a rut since our children were born, and were feeling a bit flabby and unfit. It was also really important to us to set a good example for our boys in terms of exercise habits. A year on, and Krissie has helped us do all that, and more. Even our boys look forward to the sessions, so they can do “baby squats” and “stretchy stretchy” time at the end.

For me, personally, one of my best achievements is learning to actually enjoy exercise. Like many people, I have miserable memories of always being picked last for teams at school, and desperately hoping for a mild bone fracture to get me out of cross country. Since training with Krissie, my confidence has increased hugely, and I realise I’m capable of much more than I think (although not double 12kg presses, it would seem!). I’ve even joined a team sport, which I would never have had the courage to do before, and which is a huge step-forward for me, as someone who has always hated sweating in public!

In short, I think starting this training programme is one of the best things we’ve ever done, and I wish we’d done it sooner. Krissie, if you ever have doubts about being a personal trainer, I hope you’ll look at people like me and realise what an amazing difference you make, not just to fitness, but to confidence and general outlook, too. We are incredibly proud to be part of “Kirby’s Crew” :).

It is my absolute pleasure to be Natalie and Daryl’s PT and I look forward to every session with them, and seeing their boys join in is a great bonus.  They have both become firm friends of mine and I look forward to seeing what this year brings with their fitness goals.

Daryl and Natalie received a gift voucher each  as well as a bouquet of flowers from those lovely people at The Flower Box in Port Talbot.

Congratulations both, very much deserved.  xx

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