The importance of practice


It might seem a bit ‘teaching Gran to suck eggs’ (where does that odd saying come from?), but sometimes a workout should be left to one side and the focus should be placed on practicing form and technique.   At Kirby’s Personal Training and Fitness Port Talbot, we believe that one session every month should be left to refining the finer points of the techniques we use in a session.  We can become complacent in our techniques if we don’t take the time out to practice them, and that can lead to just going through the motions.  While we want to get to a point where the movement becomes second nature, we also don’t want to rush too quickly in increasing weight etc, either, as that’s when injuries and niggles can occur. Too much too soon is never a good idea, in anyone’s book.

16kg Double Press
Practicing pressing 2x 16kg kettlebells. 5 reps is all you need.

Every month I film at least three of my own workouts, so that I can see how I am performing and if my form has slipped at any point. It’s important that my own form is as good as it can be so that I can then make sure that my client’s have that good form when they exercise. I dedicate one workout each month to go over the finer points of my form, and yes I film that too. Only then can I really see if I’ve slipped in technique and rectified that slip. It’s the same for my clients. Every month I will ensure that in a session we will revisit form and we put a stop to any little habits that might be creeping in. It’s the only sure fire way that we can maintain good form, get the best out of the workouts and stave any injuries that might threaten.

Practice, when added in to a programme of training, can give us great benefits in our workouts but a practice shouldn’t leave you in a heap of sweat on the gym room floor.  It should be enough that you feel you’ve engage the muscles correctly but shouldn’t leave you without any energy, if anything it should make you feel more energised and ready to tackle the next workout in your programme with gusto.  Practice is important to making sure you are the best you that you can be.  Make sure you schedule some in.


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