Progress, no matter how small….

EmilysQuotes.Com-Plato-progress-change-wisdom…is still progress.

My clients hear me spout this day in day out, whether it is in a training session, at classes or in the forum. It is one of the standard Kirby’s Personal Training and Fitness Port Talbot go to quotes on any given day. But why is it so important to be reminded that progress is progress. Surely it’s something we all understand?

I honestly believe that we become so embroiled in the problem that we are trying to fix, that we miss the small but important pieces that make up the bigger picture. And this relates to all things in life, not just health and fitness.

We tend to focus, in the modern day, on the end goal. We look only to what the last picture will be, and while this is important to have in mind, it can also cause stress and great upset when we don’t quite hit that perfect image. After all perfection is a subjective ideal and one person’s perfection is always going to be different to the next’s.

In health and fitness, as in pretty much everything in life, while it is important to have the end goal in mind, it is equally important to have smaller interim goals to help keep our focus. We should celebrate every little achievement that drives us towards our goals and that final vision. Today’s achievement could be doing one full body press up, or ticking off more than 3 things on that ever expanding to do list. Whatever the achievement is, not matter how small or how slow, it is still an achievement.  It is still progress and we should all celebrate the little things.  The bigger picture is, afterall, made up of the little things.

So as that rather wise philosopher, Plato, wrote, ‘Never discourage anyone… who continually progress, no matter how slow’. Progress is still progress, I encourage you to celebrate the little things.

As always, be kind to yourselfbe-kind-small





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