Interesting side effects – The ‘less sugar’ experiment!

eat less sugarSo for those of you who have been keeping up with all Kirby’s Personal Training and Fitness related things via twitter, you’ll have heard me whinge about sugar hangovers and how even one bottle of my favourite ginger ale (alcoholic and non alcoholic) is leaving me feeling like I’ve had a night out with George Best.

The interesting side effects of less obvious sugar in my diet have been:

  • When I’ve had some of my free from chocolate I’ve been OK, but if I add in a muffin and a bottle of ginger ale….I feel sick for hours after and usually into the next morning.
  • I wake up with a hangover like headache that takes a good few hours to disperse, purely from eating something high in sugar.
  • I’m finding ciders too sweet and my alcohol intake has practically reached zero.
  • Most free from treats are now so sweet I honestly can’t stomach them.
  • Sweet popcorn is a no no, but the salted variety is also becoming grim (and I usually prefer salted anyway)
  • My skin has improved no end. Now this is a welcomed side effect, the less adult acne I have, the better 😉
  • I crave more veg than ever.
  • I’m not looking for free from baked goods such as crumpets, gaps, bread etc as an alternative, although I do enjoy a nice Cinnamon and Raisin bagel – but who doesn’t

Simply removing as much obvious refined sugar from diet has had a dramatic impact on my training as well.  I am running better and lifting heavier than I have in a while, probably because I am fuelling correctly again and not piling in the crap like I have done in the past. It’s quite interesting. The side effect of the sugar hangover is something I really don’t want and so the longer I avoid the high sugar stuff, the better. Oh and I’ve lost fat as well as my body fat percentage has decreased…boom!

Am continuing on the less sugar, and hopefully we will see what the impact is in full by Christmas. If you’re doing the less sugar idea too, let me know in the comments. Share with us what side effects, both good and bad, you’ve noticed and any changes you’ve seen generally.

As always, be kind to yourself, you rock!


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