Lead By Example Part 2

So here is the first blog and Vlog as I regain the right to have the hashtag #LeadByEaxmple that I pride Kirby’s Personal Training and Fitness on using.

I promised to be totally honest and that this would be warts and all. In keeping with that promise here are my ‘at present pictures’…..this might seem vain to some and some of you may think ‘but you look fine to me’, and I thank you for that, but I am not happy with where I currently am. So time to do something about it.




Wednesday (April 1st) I kicked things off with getting my own fitness back on track. Gav and I went for a cheeky 3km run and then I had clients for the rest of the day.  Lately, Wednesday’s have been a long day of training clients, so I freely admit that I have used that as an excuse not to do a workout but not anymore. Even if it is just a short jog, it’s better than being sat behind the computer (although that still has to get done).

I find I become far more productive once I’ve got a workout in and while I have no early morning clients at the moment,  it is a perfect opportunity to move my workouts to the early morning, so they are done and dusted.  It is true, you don’t find time to do this stuff you make the time, and frankly I’ve be super lazy in making that time.

This week the band has been on the road which means getting consistent workouts in can be very difficult. But my lovely Mother in Law has let us stop over at her house during the course of the weekend between gigs. Never one to waste and opportunity, I got a quick 3km run in, along the seafront and followed by a cheeky kettlebell complex of swings, squats and presses with double 12kg bells (just keeping my form maintained).  The foot is sore today, it’s restricted a bit from wearing boots and driving, so I will see my chiropractor to get that sorted, but all in all happy that I’ve got in two runs this week and hopefully we’ll get home tomorrow in time for me to get another run in and some more strength training.

Something I have noticed is that my voice is suffering from the weight gain and lack of consistent exercising along with some not so healthy food choices. Our portion size has also slowly increased again.  This has also had a knock on effect with Gav, who is also feeling sluggish and unfit at the present. Both of us are committing to get ourselves back on track and to where we were two years ago. The funny thing is, had you asked me two years ago if I was happy in my own skin I would have said yes but there is always room for improvement. I have looked on some photos from that time and now realise I was exactly where I wanted to be, but hadn’t realised it. My aim is to get back there, because there I was very comfortable in how I looked, felt and was in great physical condition.

I have a weeks holiday coming up so blogging will probably be furious with our day trips around the local South Wales area.

As always, be kind to yourself, you rock!



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