Lead By Example Part 4

So week 3 came and went, and I totally didn’t update this page. This is mainly due to me having a much needed week off for the first time since I opened the doors of Kirby’s Personal Training and Fitness.

Week 3 also saw me get the first cold I have had in about 18 months, although I kept having that ‘you have a cold starting’ feeling for much of that time. Really random, I know wonder if it was a form of hayfever but I digress. I still maintained fairly good eating habits, did a LOT of walking and, although I did enjoy London and had some alcohol, I actually found I was keeping my portion sizes sensible.

Week 3 stats showed a gain of one pound on the scale but lost half an inch off the waist and another half an inch off the hips. So all in all a pretty OK week. Not bad for a holiday week at all.  As I tell my clients, small changes like this are perfectly natural. Some weeks we’ll see great changes, others small changes (not always in our favour) but that’s ok. I lost inches, that’s more important.

Soooo end of week 4 and I feel pretty darn good. I’ve managed to schedule my workouts as appointments I can’t miss and I’ve not missed one. I’ve fallen hopelessly in love with my kettlebells all over again and my running is starting to get back to where it was. I also ticked another thing off the bucket list.

The slightly steeper path up!

Last week Gav and I decide to go for a hike up Pen-Y-Fan (highest point of the Brecon Beacons).  The view was amazing.

The view from the top looking towards Brecon













And the wind…..well I’ll let the video demonstrate that!

The slightly easier path back down.

So the view from the top was particularly impressive, even if I whinged much of the way up and back down due to the pesky foot.  But it’s one of those things that’s on your doorstep and you never really think of doing. So I’m very glad we did it. I wouldn’t mind hiking up Snowdon at some point either.


Results for the end of week 4 are pleasing, though.

Stats as of April 22nd:

  • Weight: 173lbs (7lbs lost)
  • Waist: 33 inches (2 inches lost)
  • Hips: 40 inches (3 inches lost)

So half a stone gone, and 5 inches off. I think I might try one pair of those jeans on tomorrow. See how closer I am to getting back in them 😀


Until next time. Be kind to yourself, I’ll try to be kinder to me too, you rock!

Krissie x




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