No More Mrs Fatty McFat

My whole journey into the fitness industry started with the writing of a little blog called No More Mrs Fatty McFat. I began the blog as a way of keeping myself accountable without boring my friends senseless with my continuous chattering about exercise and food which takes up 90% of my waking day. The blog became my little piece of the web where I could talk about how I was finding my way through my own battle with the bulge as well as this massive minefield that the diet and fitness industry has become. Back to Basics

In recent months, I’ve not posted on the No More Mrs Fatty McFat blog. Not because I have nothing to say but because I found that I was second guessing my own dedication to fitness and nutrition.  I think every Personal Trainer goes through this lull. We become so bogged down in helping everyone else, getting the business side of things set up and trying to ensure our client’s success that we let our own go by the way side.  Even though I took my beloved kettlebells on tour last week, and have kept up my running, the joy in my training seemed to wane badly. I guess I’ve just been trying to do too much and not get enough rest and i’ve put myself last on the list, again.  Oh yes we are great at not listening to our own advice too. The sweet tooth has also returned with a vengeance. All this and I noticed I’d not posted a blog for a while (over on NMMFMcF).  So now I have this shining new area of the web that I inhabit, all blogs will be coming here. That includes my own personal blogs about my continued journey in being the best me that I can be – because that is what we are all striving toward ultimately.

The aim in setting up Kirby’s Personal Training and Fitness Port Talbot, has always been to go back to basics: as Dan John would say ‘Mexican Food’. Whether you order burritos, tacos or nachos, the ingredients are the same it’s just the name that is different – that’s essentially all diet and exercise is.  It’s all the same only the industry has come up with so many different names for it all, it’s damned confusing. (You can read Dan’s awesome blog on the subject here.) It’s the same with business and life in general. So why I have been trying to make it more complexed of late?  There really is no need and, as a by product, I’ve been let with little energy for myself.

In short, I’ve given myself a talking to (a stern talking too).  I’ve screamed ‘ice cream’ at myself, I’ve stopped with the eye wash and I’ve gone back to the basic ingredients of Mexican food (really do read Dan’s blog to figure out what the hell I’m talking about). I will be getting back to the blog too.  So from here on in, let’s go back to basics.


As always, be kind to yourself,



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