It’s been a while…

Well, I’ve kind of let this blog just slip away into nothing of late. No real reason for it other than other things taking priority.

The bulk of information we now share seems to come via Instagram and Facebook, so I tend to find I’m posting more to those mediums than utilising this blog.

With that in mind, I will add the very odd blog post here but most information will not be found over on the social media sites so would be thrilled if you could follow either of those mediums to get the most up-to-date articles of interest, musings and titbits of information that I try and offer.

To those who have followed my musings via the blog since I first started it way back when, thank you for always checking in.  It has and still is appreciated.

So yes, social media is where it’s all at apparently…until the next thing comes along. It’s quite the metaphor for the fitness industry I feel 😉



As always, be kind to yourselves, you rock,

Krissie xx

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