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I have been asked over the last few weeks, ‘Why do I have to attend the beginners course for your club, when I’ve done kettlebells elsewhere?’ and it’s a very valid question.

At Kirby’s Personal Training and Fitness, and Port Talbot Kettlebell Club we use the StrongFirst method of, what is known as, Hardstyle kettlebell practice. It is in my students’ best interest that I practice the best and most effective way of using kettlbells to help them feel fitter and stronger without running the risk of them suffering an injury due to poor techniques. In the years I’ve been a fitness fanatic and an Instructor/Personal Trainer the one school of strength that I have found that has spoken to me more than any other is StrongFirst. It’s ethics are aligned with my own. Plus Pavel Tsastouline is credited as being the man who brought Kettlbells out of Russia and popularise Hardstyle in the West. (There is also the Girevoy Sport side of Kettelbell practice, which I’ve yet to explore).

One to One Personal TrainingKettlebells have become very popular over the last 10 years or so. If you go to any gym in the country you will find a set of bells ranging in different shapes and sizes.  You’ll also find various training methods that people have come up with outside of the hardstyle method (Kettlercise being the most popular in the larger gyms). Even Pavel’s own training practice has changed over the years, improving what we teach, how we teach and has included the thoughts and methods of some of the world’s leading strength and conditioning coaches.

So why the beginner course?  I want to ensure you understand the movement pattern as confidently as possible.  In the beginner course, at Kirby’s,  class sizes are restricted to a maximum of eight people in session, so you get more personalised instruction.  We drill deadlifting and hip hinging until I am convinced you can use the bell properly WITHOUT causing you an injury. Then we add to that basic movement using a kettlebell. We teach you how to utilise your breath to gain more power in your swing, how to create a state of full body tension to press heavier than you’ve thought you could. We drill mobility movements to enable you to feel how strong and supple your body can be. Strength is a skill. And doing all this ensures three vital things:

  1. Your risk of injury is at an absolute minimum.
  2. You feel confident to use the bell in your own practice at home.
  3. You don’t feel intimidated in the main class sessions with people who are adept at the Hardstlye practice by being singled out for instruction of the basics.

If you have ever gone to a Kettlebell session and come away with a sore back, thinking ‘I hate Kettlebells, they hurt my back’, please come and meet me and let me change your mind. It is not the kettlebell that hurts your back, it is poor technique. Let me teach you the correct form, help maintain your back health, and increase your strength and fitness, ultimately helping you to feel and move better.

If you’d like to join the beginner class, there is an event page here with more information  or call me on 01639 814924





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