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Forest Fitness logoYes, those outdoor sessions in one of the country’s most spectacular settings is returning from Tuesday April 29th 2014.

There will be 3 sessions on offer in the first instance:

Tuesdays 7am

Thursdays 7am and 6pm.

What’s with the early mornings, Krissie, I hear you cry? Well, sometimes you have the best intentions. You get up, you drop the kids to school or go straight to work, you get home, you intend to go to a class but that sofa is way to comfortable and it’s all too easy to just sit down and suddenly you’ve missed that class you were going to take.  What about working out before work/taking the kids to school? Getting up, getting your workout done and ticking it off the list straight away?

But for those who prefer an evening workout, there is also a 6pm Bootcamp on Thursdays as well as the three group class sessions (HIIT, Primal Move and Kettlebells) at Mozart Drive Community Centre on a Monday. Bootcamps in a spectacular setting

The great thing about outdoor bootcamps is the freedom of space, the different terrain helps get all those muscles reacting to the dips and rises that help strengthen not only the major muscles groups but all the smaller supporting muscles. You tend to have larger groups, so there will always be people there who are at the same level of fitness as you, and you get a great sense of community as you encourage each other along. PLUS, you are in the fresh air surrounded by the beauty of the Afan Forest.

So come and join Kirby’s Personal Training and Fitness at one of our bootcamps.  Pricing and Packaging for all group classes available on request with a free consultation with me. Contact me for more details.

As always, be kind to yourself




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