The cost of Personal Training in 2016


Firstly, Happy New Year. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed the festivities. Usually this is the time of year people crowd the gyms in a bit of a gun ho attempt to get fit, lose some weight and start habit change. Generally people will go for it in a too much too soon manner and give up quite quickly. This is where seeking out the help and advice of a Personal Training will come in very handy. However, after the cost of Christmas hiring a Personal Trainer can seem really daunting and there is one question that everyone asks, ‘Why is personal training expensive?’

My very good friend Jill Greenwood of Kettlebell Warriors wrote an excellent piece on it a few weeks ago.  I’m going to quote some of her thoughts and add to them here.

Why Personal Training is ‘TOO EXPENSIVE’

So you want to get ‘fit’ and ‘healthy’, achieve body composition changes and turn yourself into a lean and mean fighting machine.

You have been plodding away in your ‘usual exercise class/at the gym/on the treadmill’ for months on end with limited success.

An idea springs to mind –
“I know I’ll get a personal trainer to ‘beast me’”-that will work!

This is the crux of most people’s perception of PT, that we will beast you into an ugly, puking mess on the floor, because if you’re not puking you’re obviously not working hard enough. At this point, I bang my head on the desk. We are here to help you PROGRESS, and getting you to into a state where you are physically sick from your workout isn’t going to progress you. Kettlebell Turkish Get UpTrust me, unless you are someone who gets a kick out of feeling that way, you WILL NOT enjoy your training. If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t stick at it, you won’t progress and you won’t want to carry on. On my side of the equation, I do not get a kick out of beasting people and have been quite short with well meaning friends when people have asked what I’m like as a PT?  these friends think they are making me sound cool by saying ‘oh she’ll beast you/kick your arse’. I seriously won’t, I’ll hopefully motivate you to stay on course and be here when you hit bumps in the road, sing your praises when you achieve any progress but I won’t be a Sargent Major screaming at you to get down and give me twenty.

But back to Jill…

You go online- do some research and find the ‘one’ who will change your life- you email excitedly ‘what is the cost of a ‘session’……I want to book three in a week!?

The response comes back-

Aghast at the absolute cheek that ‘anyone’ would dare try and ‘rip you off’ by ‘valuing their beasting at such a high price’….
You fail to respond.
You return to the treadmill.
Your results remain the same.
You don’t care as you are ‘saving money’.
You can spend this on your next night out. This will make you feel better.

(NB-interestingly it is very rare that at this point anyone would break down their own wage into an ‘hourly service’ – try it- do you think you are worth your payment per hour-? …..but I digress)

Does this sound familiar?…….

Personal Training is expensive. Or is it? I don’t know.

Everything in life has some kind of cost to it, be in monetary or otherwise. For myself, Jill and most PTs that we know, our own health and fitness are as important to us as that of the people we are helping. We think nothing of paying for gym memberships to a second place outside of where we work and yes most of us also have personal trainers/coaches to help us achieve our fitness goals. Well, you expect us to keep you accountable so it’s only fair we get someone to do the same for us.  Cost doesn’t factor into it. My health is important, fitness is important to me for a number of reasons, so why wouldn’t I pay a professional to help me? Personally, I have a world class boxing coach who coached two British Olympic Teams to keep me on track and teach me a new skill that I am interested in for myself. I think this surprises most people, that PTs employ PTs themselves.

-Personal Trainers are ‘more than’ the person who shouts exercises and rep counts at you when you are on your knees. Sessions are focused around YOU. Everything about YOU. Your lifestyle, your eating habits, your sleep patterns, your mobility issues, your weaknesses, your imbalances. The plan they work towards is focused on ALL of these areas, to help you progress as a whole human being not as isolated body parts. No exercise class will ever be able to accommodate this for every participant which is why they are cheaper.
-Personal Training sessions cost less than the ‘average night out’. For ‘most people’ the average night out results in dehydration, sickness, a head ache and self loathing. Often it also leads to missing items (such as keys/wallets phones -again a additional cost). However they would very rarely question the cost of this or view it as expensive.

-For ‘most people’ Personal Training results in a growth in confidence, strength and mobility improvements, positive body composition changes, improved mood, greater sleep patterns, improved health/hormonal rebalance and less need for medical intervention later on in life. An hour of unlimited focus which is ‘all about YOU’-leading to a sense of ‘me time’ having been gained. A sense of achievement for improvements in goals. Support outside of that hour at times when YOU struggle to meet such goals……the list can go on.

-The ‘hour session’ is only part of what you see. We don’t know everything about health and fitness. Often time is therefore spent researching ‘the best way to work with an individual’. This is part of the service. Sometimes this may include buying new equipment for YOU. It inevitably involves paying for new programmes/books, seminars and courses to develop our knowledge and understanding. So we can provide an up to date service for YOU. Often on a ‘Friday night’ when ‘most people’ are out having fun, we may be found reading and preparing for clients who need a little more attention.

So the cost of PT isn’t just that one hour session, or two one hour sessions a week. It’s so much more. We are here to help you achieve whatever goal you’ve set yourself. We’re here to help you become the best version of you, you can be and we love doing it. However, we do still have mortgages and bills to pay and lives to live and we can only train a finite amount of people before we become exhausted ourselves.  So next time you think that Personal Training is just too expensive…look closely at your expenditure on snacky high sugar foods, alcohol, take aways etc, and if you dislike what you see in the mirror or the wardrobe is getting that little bit too snug, ask if it really is that expensive after all?

Here’s to 2016, I hope that for many of you it will be a year full of adventure and hitting new achievements. And if you need my help and would like more information about what we offer at Kirby’s Personal Training and Fitness, drop me a line here.



Be kind to yourself, you rock!

Krissie x


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