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Kayleigh’s Kickstart Story

I continue to be inspired by the achievements of the inaugural members of Kirby’s Personal Training and Fitness 12 Week Kickstart Programme. Here at Kirby’s Personal Training and Fitness Port Talbot, we believe that access to good programmes, advice and support should;t be limited to area, particularly when the internet makes our world that much smaller.

Kayleigh joined the online kickstart fitness programme wanting to just get herself back into healthy habits and to gain focus on making her health a priority. As with all the participants, small changes were introduced, time was made for exercising and even with a hectic workload,  Kayleigh still managed to keep her focus.  When I spoke to Kayleigh at the end of the programme, her enthusiasm was just as high as it had been at the start and I cannot tell you how proud I am of her results.

Kayleigh started the programme weighing 186lbs (13 stones 4lbs or 84.4kg).  Her main measurements were:

Body Fat:  36.6% Waist:        38.5 inchesHips:         45.5 inchesBust:         41.5 inchesThigh:       26 inches

At the halfway stage, Kayleigh had this to say about the programme:

When I started the challenge I was a little apprehensive – I was anticipating making changes, but I didn’t know to what extent or how hard it would be; plus whilst I knew Krissie from LRP, I was unsure what sort of trainer she would be and how much she would push me. I knew I wanted change and to increase my fitness, but didn’t know how to by myself. I tried to come in with an open mind – and not pre-determine how I thought it would go or how it would be. I wanted to have an open mind and be ready to do whatever was asked of me, because ultimately it was me who had chosen to do this!

It is difficult to say what my expectations were – I was expecting to be accountable to Krissie for getting off my butt and doing something, I thought that Krissie would be a bit more bossy about what to eat, when to work out and what to do in my workouts . This gave me slight concerns that once the 12 weeks were up I would slip back. Traditionally I would start things full of good intentions but eventually would let them fall by the wayside once my enthusiasm had dropped or I didn’t see the results I wanted.

Krissie has encouraged the best out of me. I have found her to be more of a mentor, than the bossy personal trainer I thought she would be 😉 I tell her what I have been up to and what my thoughts are on that, and she suggests tweaks – how to make it a little more challenging etc.

In this way I have benefitted far more than I thought I would – if Krissie had just told me what to do then I wouldn’t be making sustainable change, I would be back to square one when the challenge finished. Instead I am in charge of my own destiny – I make my food plan for the week, and decide when to work out. I am accountable to myself and push myself to keep to my plans and to work that little bit harder. This has really opened my eyes and I have stopped making excuses for why I can’t do things – I can.

At the end of the programme, just as with Stew, Kayleigh left me flabbergasted by her results, and her amazing pictures.

End of the programme:

Before: Oct 7th 2013                          After: Dec 22nd 2013

Weight:          170lbs  (12 stones 2lbs or 77.1kg)                         loss of 16lbs or 7.3kg
Body Fat:       29.8% fat                                                                        loss of 6.8%

Before: Oct 7th 2013                                  After: Dec 22nd 2013


Waist:            30.5 inches                                                              loss of 8 inches
Hips:              42.5 inches                                                              loss of 3 inches
Bust:              39 inches                                                                 loss of 2.5 inches
Thigh:            24.5 inches                                                              loss of 1.5 inches

Kayleigh has worked hard, there is no question, and has shown that even with a hectic workload and lifestyle that if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything you want. She really has been a shining example of how to apply simple changes to your everyday and the amazing results that can be achieved with forward planning and self motivation:

Before: Oct 7th 2013                          After: Dec 22nd 2013

Still gobsmacked by the results – the pictures prove it when I disbelieve the numbers though! Still motivated as well, even went for a run on Christmas and boxing day to fight the inevitable sat around the table for ages lethargy! The biggest change has been by far the control I feel and the amount of energy I have. Thank you so very much for the nudges, I can’t tell you how amazing this challenge has been 🙂

It has been a pleasure being your mentor, Kayleigh. Well done 🙂

If you would like more information on the Kirby’s Personal Training and Fitness 12 Week Kickstart Programme, please visit the website.

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