Meet Sue

Sue started training here at Kirby’s Personal Training and Fitness at the end of September 2015. Sue had already lost a lot of weight through Slimming World but felt she needed the extra addition of an exercise programme to help push her towards her weight loss goals. Not only that, but Sue also understood the importance of activity in her every day life, especially as her job entails a lot of driving and being sat for prolonged periods.

This week was Sue’s last session, and it’s been an absolute joy to have her company in the gym. She’s put in so much effort and her results are a testament to her determination and dedication to reach her goals. Her training bridged over the Christmas holidays, but there were no excuses and no gains in weight or inches over that period. Sue is proof that you can have a little of what you love and still achieve your goals.

In six months Sue has lost 32 lbs in weight, that’s 2 stones 4 pounds!!  She has reduced her body fat measurement by 7.5% and overall lost 27.5 inches.

Sue front before and afterSue side before and afterOn received her results, Sue sent a me a lovely message:

A very big thank you for the last six months, you have challenged me not just physically but mentally as well. You have a real gift to motivate and support. I am not sure if you realise how empowering you are. Your ability to empathise with what I was going through made it ‘real’.

Sue, it has been an absolute joy being your Personal Trainer and I can’t wait to kick off the new Port Talbot Kettlebell Club very soon and have you back in those sessions. Well done, lovely lady, you are an inspiration.

If Sue’s journey has inspired you and you would like to find out more about Personal Training with Kirby’s Personal training and Fitness, please contacts us via the contact page.

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