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Stew’s Kickstart Story

Stew Mengham Before and After Side

Stew Mengham joined the inaugural 12 Week Kickstart Programme, by Kirby’s Personal Training and Fitness Port Talbot, back in October 2013. Over the last 12 weeks, Stew has had the inevitable ups and downs with getting to grips with a new programme. Small changes were made, and even though there was some rather upsetting family news not long after the halfway point, he got back to ensuring he kept up his new found habits and maintained his quest to see some serious results. I am so proud of what he’s achieved so far.

Stew started the programme weighing 366lbs (26 stones 2lbs or 166kg).  His measurements were:

Chest:  55 inches
Waist:  63.5 inches
Hip:     57.5 inches

At the halfway stage, Stew had this to say about the programme and how he was finding it.

I started this challenge with a few more pounds than I have on me now 😉 cough-cough 29 lbs less now, it may have been easier for me to drop the weight as I am not a small guy but we are only a very small way in to this change of life style and I am not sure if the next 6 weeks of walking/boxing/riding/mountain climbers, and even the dreaded burpees, will help me drop another 29 pounds but I don’t care if it’s only 5 pounds, as I’m feeling better in my own skin.

I can now do more than before. I am eating much better than I did, my portion size has gone up in the morning’s (well I never used to eat in the morning as I was never hungry). When I started this challenge I would get out of breath going up and down the stairs, so I was surprised when I was on one of my walks and going up one or the hills I found out that I was not out of breath massive yay for me 🙂

At the end of the programme, I was gobsmaked when Stew posted his results and his amazing before and after pictures.

Weight:  330lbs (23 stone 8lbs or 149.5kg)         loss of 36lbs (2stone 8lbs or 16.5kg)

Chest:    52 inches                                               loss of 3 inches
Waist:    57 inches                                               loss of 6.5 inches
Hips:     51inches                                                 loss of 6.5 inches

Before: Oct 7th 2013                           After: Dec 22nd 2013

The pictures tell an amazing story. Stew has told me that clothes he bought for a holiday to America, that were too tight and made him feel self conscious are now fitting exactly as they should.  His posture has improved, his recovery after physical exertion has improved dramatically and he’s not finished.  He has set himself further weight/fat loss goals, is enjoying his new found fitness and is increasing the intensity and range of his exercises all the time. I am so proud of all that he has achieved through following a simple plan of action and making time for his health.

Well done, Stew. Here’s to the next goal.

If you would like more information on the Kirby’s Personal Training and Fitness 12 Week Kickstart Programme, please visit the website.


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