12 Week Online Programmes


Online Training…no matter where you are in the world.

The 12 Week Kickstart Online Programme and 12 Week Online Continuation Programme by Kirby’s Personal Training and Fitness Port Talbot,  are an opportunity for those who want to kick-start their fitness, weight/fat loss, educate themselves on what a healthy lifestyle is all about or wish to continue their journey, have aid with rebuilding strength etc and are unable to have in person training with Krissie.

The first Monday of each month sees a new round of the either programmes begin.  Space is limited on the continuation programme to TWO new students each month due to the nature of the programme.

Online participants, that completed the inaugural 12 Week Kickstart programme, lost an average of 22lbs and 13 inches. See the blog for more details on their stories.

12 Week Kickstart Programme: Now open for Nov and Dec students

Stew Mengham Before and After

Stew lost 36lbs and 16 inches from his chest, waist and hips whilst on the programme.

The Kirby’s 12 Week Kickstart Online Programme is primarily aimed at people who are relatively new to fitness, or haven’t trained in a while and wish to return and for those who have no underlying issues of injuries that would require specific attention.  It is designed as an entry level programme to help kickstart lifestyle change.

The programme consists of:

  • Menu ideas and suggested plans, each one tailored to the individual’s food preferences.
  • A number of 20 – 30 min video workouts, interspersed throughout the 12 weeks, plus ideas for how you can add in more activity in your daily routines.
  • Form and technique.
  • Regular information sheets on all aspects of healthy lifestyle change and ways to implement that change with the minimum of fuss.
  • 2 x 20min Skype calls with Krissie during the duration of the programme
  • Information and ideas on not only health/fitness but also how what you learn whilst on this challenge can impact almost everything in your day-to-day life.
  • Access to a member´s only forum, where you can encourage and support each other.
  • And lots more.

The total value for such a programme in person with Krissie would normally be £525. Kirby´s Personal Training and Fitness Port Talbot are offering you this entire programme for just £197.

Kayleigh Before and After

Kayleigh lost 17lbs and 19.5 inches in total whilst on the programme.


Some of the exercises will require some equipment but don’t panic, it will not be expensive gym equipment and Krissie will tell you where all the best deals are, while also giving adaptations so that you can do the exercises equipment free.

So the question is, are you ready to kickstart your fitness and embrace a healthy lifestyle? Do you think you can co-motivate your fellow kick-starter as well as yourself and complete the programme? If so, book now as spaces are limited to 6 new participants each month.


12 Week Kickstart Programme

The 12 Week Continuation Programme is designed for those who have either undertaken the 12 week Kickstart programme or for those with a good level of fitness already and ideally have access to a gym facility. This programme is also suited to those who require more specific attention than simply moving more or losing weight. Those people who wish more focused attention, such as people coming back from injury or who want to learn the finer points of kettlebell practice,  then this is the programme for you.

Each month the programme opens to two new participants.  The programme includes:

  •  3 x 30 min Skype calls with Krissie during the length of the programme
  • Personalised eating programme based on your macros and levels of activity, enabling you to optimise your nutrition.
  • Technique and exercise videos based on specific exercises/methods of movement that are specific to your interests.
  • A personal welcome message.
  • Access to the forum and a personal thread.
  • Space limited to 2 people each month
  • And lots more…

The total value for this programme would normally be £900. Kirby´s Personal Training and Fitness Port Talbot are offering you this entire programme for just £279. Took book your space on this programme please use the button below.