Distance Personal Training


Personal Training…no matter where you are in the world.

Distance Personal Training by Kirby’s Personal Training and Fitness Port Talbot,  is an opportunity for those who want to kick-start their fitness, weight/fat loss, educate themselves on what a healthy lifestyle is all about or wish to continue their journey, have aid with rebuilding strength etc and are unable to have in person training with Krissie.

Much like our in person packages, the distance PT packages enable you to have sessions with Krissie (via Skype/Facetime or Facebook video messenger). The only difference is you will need access to your own equipment.

As with all our packages, full support is given for your exercise programme complete with all the nutritional advice and support we offer our in person clients. Session times will be arrange prior to commencement of your programme, and a full guide on how to measure yourself will be given.  You may also arrange an in person visit for your first session to complete your measurements and movement screen, if you so wish.

You will also have access to our private forum where you will have a completely private area to discuss your training with Krissie, keeping all your technique videos and programme details in one, easy to access place instead of sifting through countless emails.

The Distance Personal Training is perfect for people who travel a lot with their work, so that you may be able to attend the odd in person session but still get complete PT while you’re away with work.

Packages start from £180 per calendar month for one session per week and vary according to length of commitment and number of sessions per week. For more information, please email us info@kirbysfitness.co.uk.

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