Small Group Training

Small Group Training at Kirby’s

What is Small Group Training?

Small group training is usually made up up two to four people sharing their session. Sessions are twice per week and include nutritional advice. The studio is booked purely for your session, so there are no interruptions while you train, and as the studio is designed to be a private facility there are no worries of people watching you (well, apart from those you opt to train with) and therefore no waiting for equipment.

How does this differ from one to one personal training?

While you still get close attention within your session, you are sharing the time with up to three others so the focus is shared by the group as a whole. However, you have friends to share the time with, which often gives you more accountability and can be lots of fun.

While we include Precision Nutrition coaching as standard, Functional Movement Screening is an optional extra. Times for your screen will be arranged on a person to person basis and can bee added on to the cost of your raining via the button at the bottom of the page.

Is it cheaper than one to one?

Per person, yes, because the focus is shared between you all. While we try to individualise the programmes to suit each participant, there will be lots of overlap and similarity. However, the same amount of dedication is given to each person as we would in a one to one situation.

What does it cost?

Small Group training costs £100 per month per person for one session per week.

Can I join a group of people I don’t know?

Yes, if you and they are comfortable training with strangers. However, at present we have no open small groups available to join. This may change in the future and we will update this page as and when spaces become available.

What if I only want to train with a set group of friends?

If you are requesting SGT with some friends, then we will work to accommodate the time that works best for you, and lock those sessions in for the duration of your training so you know where you are.

Is there a minimum number of people required?

Yes, sessions must have two participants, up to a maximum of four, to go ahead.


PLEASE NOTE: We currently have no small group sessions available. This may change in the future, please email to register your interest where you will be signed to our Small Group mailing list. Your information will not be shared with any third parties and will solely be used for contacting you regarding Small Group Training.

For more information please email or call us on 01639 814924 and leave a message, we will return your call ASAP.